Form, line, and silhouette are the foundation of my creative process. For every body of work there is a color, shape, and texture story built with these core principals in mind. Each collection of pieces tells it's own story, breathes its own life, and has it's own philosophy.  

My current body of work is a series of chain objects which represent my basic need for order and the process with which I create it in my world. Whether I am collecting my thoughts on an issue, distilling my feelings, or working though something I need to say; the chains are a working way for me to reach understanding. It's a personal journey of discovery through the repetitive process of creating the same shape over and over again and bringing the pieces together to form and complete the thought. The result is the balance of what the mind needs to express and what the eye perceives as beautiful. Completion of a chain symbolizes completion of an idea, a thought, a notion. What comes from this process is emotional, mental, and physical order which puts my mind at ease and inspires me to continue creating.