About my work:

Every piece is handmade in the truest sense of the word. 

Each ceramic piece is shaped from stoneware and/or porcelain.  All are put through two firings - a bisque and glaze firing.  The rope that ties them all together is also made by hand using only the finest quality yarns.

All created in Ojai, CA.

About me:

I’m a maker of jewelry, apparel, and objects for the home. I’m also an illustrator with a love for the simple, the folk, and the worldly - with a touch of high fashion.

My hometown is Ojai, CA where most of my aesthetic sensibility is rooted. I’m inspired by everything from the smell of the chaparral after a good rain, to the folks I grew up with and learned from. 

Most of my work is created from clay and yarn, though I'm always in the process of learning a new craft/trade.  

If my work interests you - whether you're a buyer or a fellow maker hoping to start a dialogue - please feel free to contact me at fannypenny@gmail.com.

XO, F.